How Much Do Australian Hairdressers Earn?

Trying to determine how much an Australian hairdresser earns? According to Fair Work Australia’s Hair and Beauty Modern Award 2010 a first year full-time apprentice should expect to earn a base rate of $8.13 per hour. However you may qualify for government allowances such as youth allowance as well as an allowance for equipment or penalty rates.

The base rate for a second year apprentice starts at $9.93 per hour and a third year apprentice should expect to earn around $13.90 per hour.

Once you have completed your Certificate III in hairdressing, a full-time hairdresser can earn a base wage of around $18.06 per hour.

Once you are fully qualified you can expect to earn between $32,000pa as a starting salary to around $52,200 as a senior stylist, with an average salary equating to around $45,000pa.
*Please note that wages will vary according to your level of skill, your experience and your employer.

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