Teaching & Training Hairdressers

Learning to teach and train hairdresser can be fulfilling challenging career move. If you have your qualification and spent a good few years on the job gaining industry experience and you are feeling like you want more out of your career it may be time to move on and assess where your strengths lie. Most people will naturally be drawn to a particular area within their industry, for hairdressing it can range from styling to colouring to managing a salon, however keep in mind that there are many other options available in the world of hairdressing and one of those options is training!

If you are a born leader and have an passion to inspire others then perhaps you should think about passing on your professional expertise to others by becoming a trainer and down the track with enough ambition and get go you could eventually start your own training company.

You will need to study for a certificate IV in training and assessment which is the national requirement after which you will be a licensed trainer. Upon completion of this course you will then be eligible to teach any other course that you have previously completed, for instance if you hold the Certificate IV in Salon Management, you can become a trainer and assessor for the Cert IV in Salon Management .

Not only does Australia need more hairdressers but we need the people to train them so take your first step by completing a formal qualification such as the Diploma of Salon Management, then go on to the certificate IV in training and assessment. On completion of this qualification you will have gained the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies required to deliver training and assessments in the hair industry. As always, ensure you thoroughly research which school best suits your requirements before committing to a course.

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