What makes a good hairdresser

What do people look for in a hairdresser? What keeps them returning to you and not moving on to another stylist or salon? Well obviously first and foremost is the great cut and colour you give them but there is another very important element that makes you stand out above the rest. And that something is you, the person you are and how you carry yourself and interact with your clients. Being the best you can be takes more than a great haircut, it takes personality. So here are a few good pointers to get you on the road to success.

Manage your time: People don’t like to wait, we live in a society where people want it all and they want it now and if you want them to stick around then it’s probably best not to make them wait too long. So learn to manage you’re your time effectively by planning your day before it starts, get things prepared in advance and ensure you allow plenty of time per client. Don’t over commit yourself and take the help when offered. If you earn a reputation for being on time clients will come back and your business will grow.

Be honest: We have all been there, seated in the hairdressers chair and the stylist asks “so what look are we going for today?” you instantly whip out your smart phone with a previously saved screenshot of the latest celebrity hair craze and coyly ask “Can you make me look like this?” In your mind you’re thinking you are going to come out looking like Gigi Hadid or a Kardashian sister fresh of the set of a modelling shoot! But in reality not everyone suits all colours and styles and as a professional you really need to be honest with your client and manage their expectations. Use your skills and knowledge to help them find a variant on their desired look which will flatter their own unique look. Remember that everyone wants to look great and have a gorgeous on trend look so it’s your job to guide your client to what actually suits their tone and face shape.

Knowledge: For hairdressers in Australia it’s not enough these days to be able to get away with just a simple cut and colour. You have be on top of all the latest styles and trends and stay on well-informed on what’s in the now. Social media is a great way to follow trends and get new inspirational ideas. If you find yourself being the source of the inspiration then start up your own blog or website and no doubt you’ll have people looking to you for the latest styles and concepts. Either way keep in mind that trends can come and go in the blink of an eye so keep your finger on the pulse at all times and never stop learning.

Pay attention: Giving your client your undivided attention will ensure your client feels valued by you and gives them a sense of security with you. They will feel that you are both on the same page in terms of the style or colour they are looking for and what they are trying to convey to you, which help build a long term client relationship. A good stylist who gives their client their undivided attention will reap the rewards when the client regularly returns and also tells their friends about you.

Be a good listener: A good hairdresser will always listen carefully to what their client is asking, but you should certainly ask questions to clarify and ensure you are both on the same page, just before you start it’s a good idea to run through what you are about to do once more so that any miscommunication can be ironed out beforehand.
Once you get started then comes the ever famous hairdresser client chit chat. Try to take an interest especially in your regular customers and engage with them in genuine conversations. However unless you are a naturally chatty person it can be hard and somewhat draining to keep up a conversation the whole day. One of the ways to overcome this is to let your client take the lead, most people love to talk about themselves so when you get the chance give your vocal chords a rest and let your customer get it all out.

An unhappy client: Every now and again a hairdresser can get it wrong and make a mistake. But it’s how you handle the situation and move forward that’s important. Wither it was down to a lack of communication or a genuine misunderstanding a good hairdresser will be prepared to do what it takes so that their client leaves their salon happy with the results.

Offcourse most hairdressers can provide cutting, styling, colouring, bleaching and straightening services, but to stand out above the rest you need to give that little something extra, so don’t hold back, be the best darn hairdresser you can be.

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