Cert IV in Hairdressing

Certificate IV in hairdressing is designed to build on the previously obtained skills of Certificate III in Hairdressing. Occupational expertise in the hairdressing industry is a prerequisite for this course.

It is intended to build on your pre-existing technical skills and knowledge and develop into mastering of niche styles on the form of complex colouring and innovative cutting as well as an increased knowledge of practical training, leadership skills and providing support to colleagues. This course is a necessity for anyone who would like to refine their skills and who wants to progress in their career as a hairdresser and move onto other avenues in the hairdressing industry while building a dynamic portfolio along the way.

Certificate IV can be studied at various institutes within Australia so it is advisable to do your research before picking an establishment. Ensure that you choose a reputable institute and be sure to compare what is provided and the course prices as these can greatly vary.

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