Cert IV in Hairdressing

Certificate IV in hairdressing is designed to build on the previously obtained skills of Certificate III in Hairdressing. Occupational expertise in the hairdressing industry is a prerequisite for this course.

It is intended to build on your pre-existing technical skills and knowledge and develop into mastering of niche styles on the form of complex colouring and innovative cutting as well as an increased knowledge of practical training, leadership skills and providing support to colleagues. This course is a necessity for anyone who would like to refine their skills and who wants to progress in their career as a hairdresser and move onto other avenues in the hairdressing industry while building a dynamic portfolio along the way.

Certificate IV can be studied at various institutes within Australia so it is advisable to do your research before picking an establishment. Ensure that you choose a reputable institute and be sure to compare what is provided and the course prices as these can greatly vary.

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Male Hairdressers

It’s no surprise that hairdressing is a rapidly growing career choice. In fact employment for Hairdressers has risen by 5.8% over the past 5 years and is expected to remain relatively steady through 2017.

However for men sometimes there can be a moment of uncertainty when it comes to deciding whether they should take the first step toward becoming a Hair Dresser. Statistically speaking, men account for just under 15% of hairdressers in Australia, so at a glance appears that men are underrepresented when it comes to a voice in the industry.

In a way it’s like when we are very young, we have dreams of what we will be when we grow up. Then as we begin to grow up, our dreams change. Sometimes it’s because we’ve changed, or sometimes because the world made us feel we need to change them.

Despite the relative percentage of Men in the industry, men have a very strong voice as stylists. In fact men have had some of the strongest influence in shaping the industry that we love.

Just cast you eyes across any “Most Influential Hair Stylists”, Top Hair Stylists”, or “Most Successful Hairstylists” articles and you’ll see that a lot of the top stylists in the world today are men. They have founded some of the biggest brands, the most well known studios, and styled the most famous of people.

It almost goes without saying that when you look at the history of the industry, Male Hairdressers and stylists have been some of the greatest innovators, bravest pioneers, most creative visionaries.

So don’t give up the dream.  “If you have a sense of style and purpose and will you don’t want to compromise.” — Vidal Sassoon

You can take the first step here.

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Finding the right Institute

The internet is awash with institutes offering Hairdressing courses in one form or another, it can be overwhelming to wade all the different schools and how do you really know who is reputable and who isn’t. To give you somewhere to start we have put together a list of some of the more popular organisations that offer Hairdressing courses in Australia.

New South Wales
Tafe Sydney
Tafe – South Western Sydney
Tafe – Hunter Institute
Tafe – Northern Institute
AH&B College

Canberra Institute of Technology

Melbourne Polytechnic
The Gordon
Victoria University

Tafe Queensland
Brisbane School of Beauty
Imagine Education

Western Australia
Polytechnic West
WA Academy
Taylor Weir

South Australia
Tafe South Australia
Colour Cosmetica
Clip Joint Education

Tafe Tasmania

International Career Institute
The Hair Academy

Another great source to investigate  options in your area is Hot Courses They have a great filter so you can drill down by city and you can even read reviews of most of the institutes.

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Your Hair is Your part of your Portfolio

Of course as a hairdresser your hair is part of your portfolio. We all use our hair to show off our personal style and personality and as a hairdresser you have the added bonus of using it to highlight your skills in your chosen career. Your hair is also a testament to who you are as a person, as we all know by now it takes only a minute or two for people to form a first impression of us, are you stubborn, welcoming, seductive or unique? Do you wear your hair up or styled into flawlessly flowing locks, each look gives a clue to your personality and who you are as a person and it’s a representation of your aptitude and abilities as a hairdresser. If for example you have a pink Mohawk yourself you are more than likely a strong confident individual who will attract the sort of clientele that align with that kind of look, but ensure your hair is in line with your some of your salons target audience while of course keeping it real and being true to yourself.

You are not going got find a stampede of clients breaking down your door if you can’t even manage to keep your own style in check. So try to ensure that have a rather up to date hairstyle yourself and that’s it’s styled neatly each day.
But it’s not just your hair that conveys your look but how you present yourself from start to finish. Ensure you convey the image that you want to portray by fusing the right amount of style with the right amount of comfort to see you through your working day. Wither your salons clientele leans towards a professional or a more family based demographic, your clothes should still present a stylish but professional image. Plan and execute your attire carefully insuring your outfits is appropriate for your environment.
Choose your shoes wisely by considering comfort over style, remember a hairdresser is on his or her feet for the majority of the day and by 5pm you won’t regret having invested in those extra comfy shoes.

Ideally you should keep your jewellery to a minimum, you don’t want to be draped in bangles and rings as the constant rattling sounds in as you style your clients hair may become annoying as well as they could easily be caught in their hair which far from ideal.
A somewhat touchy but important subject to mention is personal hygiene, when moving around all day especially in the summer months one can build up quite a sweat, so make sure you keep yourself fresh and clean throughout the course of your day by topping up deodorant when needed and washing your hands thoroughly, also ensure your clothes are fresh and clean each and every day to help combat any unwanted odours.
You are and your co-workers are a representation of your salon and people will critic you and evaluate your salon on how you present yourself.

“You’re never fully dressed without great hair”

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